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KOK’96 „Mega battle“

When will the fight start?
The broadcast will start at 19:00 at November 20th, the start for the main event (Dovydas Rimkus vs. Alexio Baytcevo) will start at 21:00
What language will be available for the fight?
Event will be broadcasted in local Baltic languages (Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian). *You can change language in video settings, how to do it please visit this article https://pagalba.go3.lt/en/article/videosettings/
What plan do I need to see the fight?
In order to see this fight you will need one of below plans ordered:
TV + Sport
Film + Sport
All inclusive
How to check your current plan you can find instruction here: https://go3.lt/subscriber/my-account
What is the price for Sport plan?
Sports plan alone costs 6,99€, full pricing you can find here https://pagalba.go3.lt/en/article/content/

If you want to order Go3 Sports plan from our partner (Home3, Bite, Tele2) – please contact them directly.
On which channel I can watch the fight?
You will be able to watch the fight on TV3 Sport 2 channel.
How can I change my existing plan to have Sports package?
You can easily change your plan in few seconds by following instruction here https://pagalba.go3.lt/en/article/plan-changing/

If your subscription is ordered via our partners, please contact them for assist directly.
I cannot login, what should I do?
If you have Go3 subscription and cannot log in, we suggest you restoring your password/account. You can find short instruction how to do it here: https://pagalba.go3.lt/en/article/lost/
I have technical issues while watching, what to do?
If you have specific error message on a screen, please visit this article for fast resolution time https://pagalba.go3.lt/en/article/error-on-screen/

In case you do not have any error message on a screen but have issues watching the fight, we suggest you visiting this article to see what could be an issue https://pagalba.go3.lt/en/article/issues/

Please mind that with Go3 to watch content without interruptions you:
• Need 10mbs/s internet speed for best experience;
• Can watch on two devices simultaneously or 3 if you have android set-top-box from us or our partners;
• Your chosen device has to meet all technical requirements https://pagalba.go3.lt/en/article/requirements/
Can I watch this fight on a TV screen?
Yes you can!

If you have an LG or Samsung TV which is made in 2016 or later, you can download Go3 app and connect your account. How to add a TV to your account you can find here: https://pagalba.go3.lt/en/article/tv/

If you have other model or older TV, you can still watch it if you do have android set-top-box. You can get one from us or our partners.
Are there any specific requirements to watch Go3 and this fight?
Yes, each device and your internet speed is required to meet technical specifications for smooth content watching. You can find detailed requirements here https://pagalba.go3.lt/en/article/requirements/
What will be video quality of broadcast?
The fight will be broadcasted in HD format.

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