My account window

Here you will find quick overview what you can see in your account settings view

Please select tab that you are interested in and you will find explanation what is what and what you can do in each section.

This is a view visible only in desktop browser view for open market contactless Customers. If you have a contract – you will not be able to see majority of settings regarding changes in subscription as they are controlled by your tenant.

Subscriptions tab

Here you will see your email address and phone number provided. As well here you can make main changes for your subscription, please find list below what you can do in this tab

Change email
Here you can change you email address used to log in. You will need to enter your subscription password, new email address and confirm new email via email sent to your new email inbox
Change password
Having strong password is priority for safety, here you can set password that you would like to have. Just enter your existing subscription password and new one that you will be using in future
Add a phone number
Adding phone number is necessary to access content while being abroad in EU and EEA and to have additional safety measurement. You can change it in future if you wish to use another one.

Enter your phone number without prefix of your country and subscription password, in new window enter short code received by SMS to finish verification
Change PIN
Here you can change your PIN code used to rent movies and access 18+ rated content. Just enter new PIN code and your subscription password to change it in seconds
Communication settings
Want to receive or cancel newsletters from us? Here you can select what you want to receive from us and what not, just check what you are interested in and what you are not


In this field you will see your payment method and main information regarding billing which you can as well change.

Change payment method
Changed your debit card, pay-pal account? Bind new payment method by entering new card or account of your bank
Billing details
Want to see your transaction history when you paid what and when next payment will happen? This is the place for it. Here you will find all history for Date, method and amount of payments made before
Received voucher? Lucky! Enter it‘s code here and enjoy Go3 with discount or for free!


In plan details you will be able to see your current plan, change it or cancel it as well check your rented content

Change your plan
Want to see more or less content? Here you can change your plan to higher or lower. Be aware – changing plan to higher one takes place immediately while downgrading happens only after previous payment is over
Cancel subscription
Decided to leave us? Shame to loose you but here you can say goodbye for us
My orders
Rented a movie for 48 hours? Check your transaction history when and what you had ordered!


Here is visible your connected devices information and possibility to add new one. Remember – in parallel you can watch content from 2 devices (+1 if you have android set-top-box)

My devices
Want to add TV device to watch on big screen? Click add device and enter visible code on your TV screen to bind TV with your subscription. Please remember – you can watch content on two devices simultaneously and only with 3rd one if you are using android set-top-box.

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