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With a Go3 subscription, you can see a variety of content depending on the plan you subscribe to. You can subscribe to the service using this link.

Below are the monthly prices for the plans from 08/01/2024, along with main information.

Please note that these prices may differ from prices with a contract or by subscribing through our partners.

We recommend to check the requirements for devices through this link.


FilmsSportTVFilms + SportTV+ FilmsTV +SportAll InclusivePremiumExtra Sports Standalone
Standard price7,99 Eur/month9,99 Eur/month9,99 Eur/month12,99 Eur/month 13,99 Eur/month 13,99 Eur/month 16,99 Eur/month 19,99 Eur/month12,99 Eur/month
Unlimited content for films, TV series, documentaries+++++
Unlimited sport content+++++
Live TV+++++
TV Archive (7 days)**+++++
Paramount+ content+++++
discovery+ content*** 2,99 Eur/month 2,99 Eur/month 2,99 Eur/month 2,99 Eur/month 2,99 Eur/month 2,99 Eur/month + 2,99 Eur/month
Adult content*** 2,99 Eur/month 2,99 Eur/month 2,99 Eur/month 2,99 Eur/month 2,99 Eur/month 2,99 Eur/month 2,99 Eur/month 2,99 Eur/month
HBO6,99 Eur/month6,99 Eur/month6,99 Eur/month6,99 Eur/month6,99 Eur/month6,99 Eur/month6,99 Eur/month+
Extra Channels4,99 Eur/month4,99 Eur/month4,99 Eur/month4,99 Eur/month4,99 Eur/month4,99 Eur/month4,99 Eur/month4,99 Eur/month
Extra Sports12,99 Eur/month12,99 Eur/month12,99 Eur/month12,99 Eur/month12,99 Eur/month12,99 Eur/month12,99 Eur/month12,99 Eur/month+
*Additonal local content that is included into Films, Sport, Films+Sport ,subscribed until 24.05.2022 , might be removed after any changes of plan due to tehnical issues
**The TV archive function is available on most live TV channels, but not all of them (MTV Hits, MyHits channels do not have an archive!).
***discovery+ and adult content can be seen with any plan if you order it as an add-on. For the All Inclusive plan, discovery+ content is only available if the All-inclusive plan is subscribed before 01/06/2021.

The content of this Adult plan is only visible through web browsers on computers.


  • Local
  • Kids
  • Entertainment
  • Documentary
  • News
  • Movies
  • Sport

Additional information about content:

What video quality is available in Go3?
Majority of our content for you is in HD format!

The online content platform automatically detects your internet speed and selects the best quality for your current internet speed and adapts it while you watch the content.
You can also change the video quality yourself. We recommend that you leave this function automatic, but if you want to know how to change the quality of the video, please click on this link.
Where can I see new content added?
To see new content added in Go3 please follow this link.

Usually we will be informing you about all new content in Go3 with newsletters and other notifications, that is why we highly recommend you having all communication channels allowed for us to reach you! How to enable communication options please follow this link.
How often the new content is added?
Content is being updated each moment (probably even as you read it!).

It all depends what content is being added. For example, TV shows and TV series are being added daily and weekly after their releases while movies can be updated each week too, some of it arrives directly from cinema on monthly basis.
When and why content is being removed from platform?
There is no exact time limit on how long content is available on Go3. Before we remove any content, we always analyse whether it is popular and watchable.
Some content has restricted licenses, so we sometimes have to remove content that is being watched.

However, we always try to mark such content so that you have the opportunity to view it before it is removed. You will always find such content marked with a “Last chance” sign.
Will removed content be added later?
If there is a high level of interest in the content, we always consider bringing it back. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee or promise that the content you want will be put back on the Go3 platform.
What is Paramount+ content?
Paramount+ brings you the best-known TV shows, top comedies, other genre films, iconic reality shows, children’s favourite content and unique shows for Generation Z.
You can access it through a separate section on top of a Go3 page.
More information about Paramount+ you can find on this link.

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