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Bank account number (locked)

From 2022 December 1st bank account number for Customers with agreements is changing. If you have signed contract with us new bank account number you can find below. This change no how affects you if you are Customer of our partners.

Users who has automatic payments has to make changes in their banks no later then before 2023 February 1st. This is the last date old bank account number will be valid.

When making payment make sure to check if new bank account number is pre-entered. Usually bank systems recognizes your payments and might offer old details. This way payment might get lost.

What is the new bank account number?
New account number: Swedbank LT817300010131696856
Recipient (AS GO3 BALTICS) and your payment reference number is not changing.
Whom this change affects?
Only for Customers who has signed a long term contract between January 1st of 2022 and December 1st of 2022 with Go3 directly, not via our partners.
How to know if I have long term subscription? (contract)
If you want to make sure what kind of subscription you have and if it affects you, please check your Go3 account settings window. If you do not see your own credit card added it means you have monthly invoices and signed a contract with us.
What exactly happens?
From 2022 December 1st we are changing our bank account number used for making payments. Till 2023 February 1st two bank accounts will co-exist and payments will not get lost, however, to ensure fast and smooth payment transitions in future this change is mandatory.
When change happens?
On 2022 December 1st.
Last day for changes is 2023 February 1st.
What will happen if I don’t change it?
After 2023 March you payments will not go through and you will receive debt. Due to unpaid invoices signal will be shut off till payment is received.

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